SSCLabs Accreditation to ISO17025

On question that is often asked is this ” Is SSCLabs Certified?”

Well, the answer is yes we are: we are certified by ourselves. However, while that ensures our commitment to embracing quality work, it is not always enough and one possible step is Accreditation by a 3rd party.

SSCLabs currently conforms to ISO17025, and is ensuring our management system complies with the latest version before applying for a 3rd party Accreditation.

Accreditation is expensive, and will not change the way in which SSCLabs operates, but it WILL be a very valuable addition for those clients that require it.

SSCLabs would greatly like to receive our clients thoughts on Accreditation.

2 thoughts on “SSCLabs Accreditation to ISO17025”

    1. Hi Kevin, we are indeed located in EBME on the UNR campus. To our knowledge we are to only commercial EMC Lab in the region.

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