EMC Testing

MIL STD 461 Testing

The basis of many EMC test standards, learn what we can do…

European CE Mark Test

Compliance is essential in order to deliver products to the European Community.

RTCA DO-160 Test

The primary compliance standard for commercial aircraft avionics.

EMC Design

For 40 years SSCLabs has been deeply involved in the initial design, and mitigation of thousands of designs from coffee pots to the Space Shuttle.

EMC Calibration

We only perform calibrations for EMC Equipment.

Battery Testing

Battery testing for capacity of shipping safety.

Product Safety and High Voltage Testing

Hi-Pot, ground leakage, touch current, ground wire current.

Hi voltage testing to 80 kV.

ISO 17025

The most preferred standard to guide developing a Management System for use in an EMC laboratory. SSCLabs proudly uses our parent companies site for our management system:

This site serves as our role model for laboratories that aspire to accredited status.


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