SSCLabs is a new company related to L F Research, an EMC Test Facility located in Northern Illinois, USA. This company has performed EMC testing and consulting for over 25 years, and has retained a number of clients over the years. These clients include, but are not limited to:

GE Aerospace and GE Medical

Tyco Connectivity

Contemporary Controls Inc.

Crystal Group

Invensys, Eurotherm

Schaffner EMC

SPX Fluid Power

Eaton Electric



Ultrasonic Power


Arachnid Inc.

B/E Aerospace

Wolf/Sub-zero Appliances

W. A. Whitney and Piranha/Megafab.


The range of products that we have tested is huge, here are some examples:

Electric power systems for Aircraft.

Solid State Power switching for Aircraft.

Fast computers and servers for Aircraft, Marine and Land use.

Hydraulic system controls

Home Appliances including magnetic induction

Computers/Controllers and HI Displays

Home and Industrial Automation devices

Avionics hardware

Automotive devices

Heavy equipment actuators

Ultrasonic devices

Plasma and Laser cutting machines