We plan to GROW!

While the SSCLabs Laboratory is new, the lab members are not.

We would love to hear from you about what testing service you would like to see us offer.

2 thoughts on “We plan to GROW!”

  1. First comment!
    Please feel free to leave a comment about what EMC testing capability you would like to see us offer.

  2. Congratulations Derek … !!!

    Wish we would have known as we just drove
    back from Las Vegas. I would have loved to
    see your new lab. Guess you were not busy
    enough huh had to start another business.
    Build a new EMC lab and they will come.

    Seriously your skills are tops in the EMC
    profession and your expertise saved our
    products many a time.

    Best of luck.

    Oh by the way … great backdrop
    for your picture!

    Thomas P. Myers
    EE Retired Arachnid

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