SSCLabs is a full service EMC Test and Design laboratory located in Reno, Nevada. Operated by two 40 year NARTE EMC Engineers, with extensive background in FCC, CISPR, CE, MIL STD 461, RTCA DO160, Boeing D6-16050, Automotive ISO testing.

The laboratory operates under a ISO17025 management system.

SSCLabs is the host of the Reno, NV area EMC Meetings: please see the EVENTS sidebar for upcoming meetings.

EMC Testing And Engineering

With over 80 years of combined experience, SSC Labs has the background to evaluate your products, large or small.

Current capability includes:

Voltage and current conducted emissions from 10 Hz to 500 MHz,

Voltage and current conducted susceptibility from 10 Hz to 400 MHz,

E and H field radiated susceptibility from 10 kHz to 18 GHz up to 200, v/m

E and H field radiated emissions from 10 Hz to 18 GHz,

Many transient and surge waveforms e.g. ESD, EFT, ANSI/IEEE/IEC Surge, Lightning and Automotive.

Contact us to learn about our shielding effectiveness testing capability.

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EMC Design and Training

SSCLabs has a number of seminars from 1 day to a week that can be presented onsite, or at several locations around the USA.

Topics covered are EMC design and mitigation, EMC testing training for technicians and engineers and ISO17025 training for laboratories with, or aspiring to, accreditation with an assessing body.

SSCLabs is a proud participant in EMC week held annually in February at the Boulder Dam Hotel in Bolder City, NV and now Poplar Grove, IL. Please see the Events sidebar on this page.

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EMC Calibrations

Over 80 years of EMC testing, and 20 years of assessing EMC laboratories, SSCLabs has learned a great deal of what makes a good EMC Calibration.

Good equipment, good procedures, good knowledge of the calibrating standard, traceability and an ISO17025 complaint management system combine to give piece of mind.

A short term goal of this service is to be NVLAP accredited.

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Battery Testing

While not strictly EMC testing, there is huge synergy between battery testing and EMC testing.

We have extensive experience in the testing of many battery technologies. We typically test to UN/DOT 38.3.

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Product Safety and High Voltage

While not strictly EMC testing, there is huge synergy between product safety/high voltage testing and EMC testing.

In addition, we have the capability to Hi-pot test to in excess of 80,000 volts.

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We are here to help you!

SSCLabs is the Nevada branch of L F Research. L F research was formed to help clients needing any form of EMC assistance: SSCLabs continues this objective serving the Reno, NV area and beyond.

Centrally located in Reno, we enable clients to access the laboratory at hours that serve them with a testing cost as appealing as visiting “The biggest little city in the world..”

In addition to testing, and design assistance, we retain a comprehensive stock of EMC related parts to help determine the lowest cost solution. Both electrical and mechanical re-work capability is available in the laboratory.

Why come to Reno for testing?

Next Steps…

Please feel free to contact us with no obligation, to help you determine if SSCLabs is the right choice to help with your EMC needs.

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